Empowering and Inspiring
Organizational Growth

Our goal is simple: to grow and enhance organizational value by applying new insights and approaches to foundational management, recruiting, operational and legal matters.

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Our Approach




We are a group of experienced and respected industry professionals who share 3 core principles:
“Integrity,” “Intellect,” and “Ingenuity.”

We apply these principles to all of our projects.

Your company is your mark, it’s your brand, it’s a reflection of who you are.
We will work with you to grow and develop your business.
Let us help make your vision a reality.

Our Services


Practical and executable strategies for business optimization.


Analysis, Execution and Optimization of Management Processes

Workplace Culture, Team Development and Coaching

Conflict Resolution Procedures, Investigation and/or Intervention

Organization Structure Analysis, Recruiting and Applicant Evaluation

General Wellness (both at the corporate and individual levels)

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Strategies that maximize growth opportunities and limit risk.

Provided by Technology Law Group

Corporate Formation/Organization

Strategic Business and Regulatory Review/Strategies

Contract Drafting and Review

Dispute Resolution


Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration

Copyrights & Trademarks Filings, Prosecution and Litigation

Software License Agreements

Mergers and Acquisitions

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I recently encountered a situation where a client became frustrated with their service provider and threatened to sue… I then realized a need to protect myself from frivolous lawsuits. I turned to Emspire for help. They understood my concern and Jay Rubin referred me to Neil Ende, who is the Managing Partner at Technology Law Group (TLG). I had a call with Jay and Neil. I was impressed not only by the depth of business and legal understandings, but also their identification of related issues that need to be addressed to fully protect my company. TLG delivered a comprehensive “Consulting Agreement”.

Thanks to the coordinated consulting and legal services of Emspire and TLG, I now have an agreement that will head off any such problems before they arise. I plan to utilize Emspire’s other services to help grow my business.

I’ve known and worked with Neil for over 15 years as part of five different companies. I’ve come to trust Neil as both a tremendous legal resource and trusted business adviser and friend. Neil has proven to be that unique blend of rational perspective and fierce loyalty while providing sound legal services and advice to resolve a wide variety of issues, including disputes with extremely large, well-funded organizations. Throughout, Neil demonstrates a clear grasp of the issues, develops and executes a strategy that is successful, and demonstrates a strong desire to resolve conflict while remaining the one person I want in my corner should resolution prove difficult. Like many of his clients, I have learned over the years that engaging Neil early in the process proves to be worth every bit of his extremely reasonable fee, and I do not hesitate to recommend Neil without reservation.