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Emspire, LLC Announces Strategic Relationship with Technology Law Group

Emspire, LLC Announces Strategic Relationship  with Technology Law Group Emspiresm is a consulting firm focused on client’s organizational growth Monday, February 1, 2021 — Emspiresm, a boutique marketing and management consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C.,  announced today a strategic relationship with Technology Law Group (TLG), a Washington, D.C. based […]

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Your Organizational Culture is the Cornerstone to Long Prosperity

There are many philosophical perspectives on life and the pursuit of happiness, but one thing that is as sure as the day is long is the fact that your company’s culture is directly tied to its organizational morale and its prosperity.  Simply stated: A safe environment creating a secure, stable and well managed team will […]

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Management is an Art, Not a Science

As leaders we would all like to think that there is a magic formula to managing people and herding cats… my friends in the sake of honesty and full disclosure there just is not a wand you can wave, potion you can drink or a spell you can cast to accomplish this most important goal. […]

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Effectively Negotiating Telecom Agreements*

Carrier agreements are intended to set forth the terms and conditions under which resellers purchase the essential commodity of their business:  telecommunications services.  Sadly, however, it is the rare instance when resellers have read or truly understand the essential terms and conditions of their agreements or negotiate the terms of their agreements effectively as a […]

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Five Ways Agents Can Trap Value *

Unlike most business relationships, where the party with the direct relationship controls the customer, telecom agents do not have this luxury. To the contrary, because the role of a telecom agent typically is limited to acquiring customers for the carrier, an agent generally does not have any proprietary interest in the customer or control over […]

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